Small but efficient
The desktop scanners of the HEMERA family, with their compact and robust design, are cut out for automatic digitalisation of high volumes of documents for archiving or recognition or processing purposes. Their innovative and user friendly transport system enables high speed processing in colour and duplex of documents of varying weight and size. The visible paper transport path means that it is truly simple to use and maintain. They will not wear easily, thanks to their robust metal structure.

Polyvalent and economical
They are compatible with all PCs thanks to the SCSI material interface. Their API (programming interface) allows personalised application development while the scanning software lets you get started without delay. A high level of automation as well as real simplicity of use and maintenance make them user-friendly and economical.

  • hem3310, the multipurpose production scanner   
  • hem3520, the high-resolution colour scanner, 500 dpi

Electronic document archival, optical character recognition and the on-line availability of information entails the necessary scanning (digitising) of large volumes of documents in an automated manner utilizing production-scale machines which operate with speed and reliability, while simplifying the tasks of the users.

Application sectors and typical requirements

Banks & Insurance:

- Mixed processing of cheques and documents
- Remittance processing within the banking sector
- Optical recognition of both printed and hand-written characters
- Processing/archival of contracts and insurance claims
Document scanning including photos, and/or fingerprints (500DPI resolutions conforms to FBI specifications)
Processing of documents containing high-resolution targets
Industries et services:

- Document management 
Scanning / archival/ distribution of correspondence
- Automatic capture of customer orders and forms
- Capture of documentary databases
Government, security:

- Document scanning including photos, and/or fingerprints (500DPI resolutions conforms to FBI specifications)
- Processing of documents containing high-resolution targets

HEMERA, many unique functions

A unique system of paper transport:
Accepts packets of documents containing very different paper dimensions and quality automatically, with no need for adjustments. The precision paper guide eliminates the need for subsequent handling and facilitates image adjustments.

Digital scanning of colour documents:
Large flexibility of resolution definition, producing compressed images which can be directly processed in your application.
Sorting function with 2 separate document exit trays:
Permits the sorting of different types of documents directly into the two trays after scanning and thus eliminates the need for further manipulation.
High-speed scanning:
Production-scale scanning capabilities (from 1'000 to 5'000 documents per hour depending on resolution)
Optional direct reading of other document data:
Scanning of magnetic stripes (for example cheque identification codes) which, in addition to the complete capture of the document image, permit automatic identification, indexation and sorting. Information decoding is accomplished directly by the scanner.

Colour scanning is not a luxury, but a necessity for the capability to reproduce images that correspond to the original captured images, and also to digitally eliminate colours that could perturb the process of optical recognition of information contained in the document (which is not possible by means of grey-scale or mechanical-optical filters). Accurately scanned colour images also increase the efficiency of data processing applications down-line.

Importantly, data capture speed allows for a faster return on investment, and also reduces requirements for other machine investments and operators.

Options such as magnetic character reader or high resolution avoid the need for several machines and operations resulting in the merger of data from multiple sources and reduces thereby risks due to human error and multiple handling of documents.

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