BARman Laser

BARman Laser is the ideal data capture unit for many different applications, such as inventory, time accounting, logistics, shop-floor control or tracking of data. Its size and resistance allows use in any external conditions or industrial environment. BARman Laser has been designed for very simple and secure use. Data capture in the field is simple and powerful and the use of data very secure and flexible.

user friendly:

  • the laser reading head recognizes all standard bar-code formats, up to a distance of 50cm (20 inches). Buzzer and LED are integrated for reading control
  • pocket sized with an ergonomic keyboard (25 alpha-numerical keys, including 4 function keys)
  • the backlight display with 4 lines of 16 characters provides a communicative interface between reader and user
  • date and time are automatically registered, without any additional operations, thanks to the built-in real-time clock
  • the integrated batteries provide a high degree of autonomy and secure data storage

very secure and easy data transmission:

  • direct connection to any computer (RS232 or RS422)
  • easiness of networking, including the multiple interface units (concentrators)
  • to transfer data, load a new program or charge the battery, just lay BARman laser on an interface. No connections needed. BARman Laser is securely fastened thanks to the special axiome magnetic system

small size, protection and shock resistance:

  • BARman Laser is one of the smallest data capture units
  • BARman Laser is very resistant (1m drop on concrete)
  • BARman Laser can be used in demanding environments (degree of protection IP-65)

easiness of programming

  • a complete range of programming and communication tools allows users to integrate BARman Laser in any DOS or Windows application, without any additional operation. BARman Laser can be programmed using either the "C" language or the "AXEL Extended" (basic like) which makes it fully compatible with BARman. The first method gives great power of programming and the second allows users to write the same source code for both units.




 LGA 1024 F

  • 1024 kb RAM memory
  • 4 lines display. 64 characters
  • Full alpha-numeric keyboard




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