• BARman memorises all kinds of information, whether by barcode reading or by keypad entry, automatically tagged with the date, time and other information that come over and over again and are tiresome to enter. The BARman system is not only a hand held data entry device but is designed with reliability and user friendly applications as a priority.
  • Its versatility allows the user to acquire on site simultaneous time and attendance recordings, movements of stock, production control, survey of counters and other activities to be indexed. With BARman, data processing is no longer a bottleneck. At the end of the recording, you only have to set the BARman back on to its base station and, without any manual intervention, all data is transferred to the computer. The communication interfaces are either single or multiple (concentrators for 4, 8, 16 units) and can be easily networked, on one RS422 line.
  • BARman can be easily programmed and charged with the user's data processing software. Full automatic communication software is available for DOS and Windows. BARman can also communicate by modem or be connected directly to a printer.




  • BARman without reading head
  • Numeric keyboard


  • BARman without reading head
  • Alpha-numeric keyboard 


  • BARman with standard reading head
  • Numeric keyboard 


  • BARman with standard reading head
  • Alpha-numeric keyboard 

BARman is available in different color, such as black, grey, turquoise, bordeaux.

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