BARman technical documentation

BARman documentation:

Volume 1 :
Latest version of User manual in English for BARman ATL / STL

BARman Laser documentation:

Laser Line Manual:
Latest version of User manual for all readers based on the LGA 1024E container, including: BARman Laser LGA 1024E and t.BARman BTC/BTS/BTL 1024E.

Volume 7 :

Old version of User manual for BARman Laser TLL and BARman Laser LGA.


BARman utilities

Volume 2 : Latest version of Interface operating manual for t.BARman

Examples to change the baudrate of the t.BARman on the BEI / BIU interface (See HELP file)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Technical note t.BARman & Modem (in English, French, German).
The aim of this document is to solve general problems encountered by the users of BARman (in English, French, German).

Protocol of communication for t.BARman (in English, French).


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