AXIOME has developed a wide range of software that ensures optimal use of its OMR readers. The software are designed to allow the user a high level of flexibility and complete compatibility of the applications developed by the customers, from the simplest to the most advanced, while preserving their investments.

  • MAX:          allows to define a parameter file and to call only the 
                       necessary data for processing.
  • FORM:        makes communication possible between the computer  
                       and the Axiome reader.
  • AXF:           enables to define parameters in a form file that is sent
                       to the reader and registered in non volatile RAM.
  • ADELE:           NO MORE SUPPORTED                       

The structure of the interpreter software available with the AXIOME readers allows every user to build their applications in a simple and coherent manner. The AXIOME interpreter software range offers several levels of increasing power and flexibility.

These programs enable piloting of the OMR AXIOME reader, definition of communication, the data to be read, the controls to be realized for as marks and/or bar-codes

Every reader is delivered with MAX as a standard interpreter software. The other interpreter softwares are available as options.

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