The software AXF allows the user to define parameters in a file form that is sent to the reader and registered in a non volatile RAM. These parameters remain usable, even after switching off the reader. AXF makes it possible to define communication parameters, the size of the record to be sent to the computer, as well as the reading zones (masks).

How does the dialogue work ?

The user can select on the computer from the following parameter list :

  • communication parameters
  • commands for the reader
  • size of record to be sent after reading (several sizes predefined, among which)
  • each mark is sent in coordinates mode
  • each marked line is sent in hexadecimal mode
  • each line is sent in hexadecimal mode
  • the complete document is sent in picture mode
  • only the marked lines are sent in picture mode
  • the complete document is sent in compressed binary mode
  • zones to be read (masks)

The parameters are sent to and saved by the reader

The reader sends the read marks according to the selected parameters, without logical control of data.

The selected parameters remain in the reader for further use, as long as another parameter file hasn't been sent.



AXF Interpreter manual


AXF Interpreter manual

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