FORM is the most basic software which enables a reader of the axm range to function .

FORM makes communication possible between the computer and the AXIOME reader; this means transmission of the reading commands, acceptance or rejection of the document, and sending the read data to the computer.

How does the dialogue work ?

The reader is entirely under the computer's control and cannot proceed by itself to logical control of the read data.

The computer sends the configuration, reading and ejection commands to the reader. These parameters are not registered in the reader.

The reader sends the read marks to the computer in either of the two following modes:

  • hexadecimal mode: each document line has a 12 character code
  • coordinates mode: each mark is sent in a 4 character form showing  
     the line and track numbers.

The user can define if the reader must wait for a command from the computer (acceptance or rejection of document) after each document, or if the reading and transmission of data must be sent for each document without waiting for a command.

A reader working with FORM sends error messages (no document to be read, no clock-marks on document...) to the computer, which has to then decide on the processing follow up.

A reader working with FORM is entirely guided by the computer.

The communication protocol is fixed.

FORM is compatible with STANDA from KAISER (versions 6.08 and 7.01).

FORM Interpreter manual


FORM Interpreter manual

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