MAX software is the only interpreter software which can be used with a TMN (multi level reading) head.

MAX software allows to define a parameter file containing the following information:

  • communication parameters.
  • header format for external data (barcode)
  • document auto-call.
  • document auto-eject.
  • data output format for a RD (Reading Document) function.
  • data output format
  • error output format
  • activation or deactivation of the sheet control (thickness and length)

This file is sent to the reader and registered in a non volatile RAM. The parameter file remains usable, even after switching off the reader.


How does it work?

1. Send a RD command to the reader

2. The reader will answer with the information defined in the MAX parameter 

3. Information is processed and a new command sent to the reader to call 
    the next data.

4. The reader answers with the corresponding data.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as long as necessary to decode your whole  
    document, than send an eject command to the reader.

6. Restart from the begining for the next document.

MAX Interpreter manual


MAX interpreter manual

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