HODA Tools-OMR Studio

OMR Studio helps you to capture data from test, survey and other OMRable forms. Using OMR Studio, you are able to eliminate manual data entry, reduce time and cost of data entry and increase data accuracy.

OMR Studio is designed to handle data collection and data analysis requirements in educational institutions, governmental organizations, medical clinics, laboratories, hospitals, industrial factories and business such as banks, insurances, marketing researches and other users on different levels.

HODA Tools package consists of a set of software modules that satisfy all of your needs when using OMR devices. Using HODA Tools package you can design and print OMR forms to distribute between destination populations. Also you can define the layout of the OMR forms for axiome readers and finally read data from filled forms and analyze the results. HODA Tools package includes:

  • FormDesigner (HFD) a tool to design and print OMR forms
  • TemplateEditor (HTE) a tool to define the layout of the OMR forms
  • OMR Studio the main tool of the package to do all OMR jobs such as reading the OMR forms, manipulating data, analyzing data and generating reports

Some of Hoda Tools-Reader software Specifications:

  • Configure the Optical Mark Readers and read data from forms
  • Export data to CSV text files and known databases includes dbsae, Foxpro, Paradox and Microsoft Access(*.mdb) to be later post-processed
  • Graphical design environment Powerful user interface to create and save applications for form processing
  • Program the Optical Mark Reader to interrupt reading process or reject forms according to validations performed at reading time
  • Print sequence No., date and user-defined messages on read documents
  • Define check bubbles to ensure correct feeding and sort the read documents
  • Support Barcode and OCR heads
  • Define Treshold and Discrimination factors Test all parts of Optical Mark Reader using OMR-Tester tool
  • On-Line help and many other facilities to improve overall system efficiency

How Does HODA Tools work?

Step 1: Design and Print OMR forms

Design the OMR forms in a user friendly environment, using HODATools- FormDesigner (HFD) module. Insert texts, images, rectangles, circles and lines as well as OMR windows. The program will adjust the OMR windows positions according to the OMR ruler, automatically. Finally send the designed form directly to the printer or save it for later use.

Step 2: Define the layout of the forms

Define OMR form layout, using HODA Tools-TemplateEditor (HTE) module. Various OMR windows and barcodes can be defined for both front and back sides of the OMR form. Define rejection criteria and data entry conditions to streamline the capture process.



Step 3: Introduce the OMR machine to the OMR Studio

Connect the Axiome OMR device to your PC and introduce it to OMR Studio. Specify the device peripherals including OMR heads, barcode heads and printer. Program the printer to print your desired information on the read forms such as sequence numbers.



Step 4: Create a worksheet and read OMR forms

Create a new worksheet in OMR Studio. put forms on the input tray and start reading forms.




Step 5: Analyze data, create reports and publish results



Specify your collected data as test or survey. Based on the data type, specify your analysis options. Analyze question responses using Item Statistics and Item Analysis reports. Analyze the respondent results in detail and summary formats using Respondent Detail and Respondent Summary reports. Compute the score distribution for all respondents take part in the test and calculate the cross tabulation for each pair of questions in survey. For each generated report, you can save the data to Xml,Text, Excel or database tables and you can send the print layout to word, exel, pdf, html, text and image.


OMRStudio 3.19 Demo

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