HODA Tools-TemplateEditor (HTE)

HTE is for defining the layout of the OMR Forms. Various OMR windows and barcodes can be defined for both front and back sides of an OMR form. User can also define the rejection criteria and data entry conditions to streamline the capture process.


  • Line
  • Column
  • Single
  • Multiple
  • Binary

Line Window:

The Line window type is frequently used in OMR questionnaires. It is defined for test questions. Each line of the window produces only one data item to write in output data file.

Column Window:

The column data type is useful to capture some character or numerical values like names, families and ID Numbers. Each column of the window, produce a data item, to write in output data file.

Single Select Window:

In Single Select window type, only one bubble must be filled. So, this window produces only one data item to save in the output data file. This is a useful window type to get some special fields from OMR questionnaires, like gender (Female or Male, Only one of them must be filled).

Multiple Select Window:

In Multiple Select window type, filling more than one bubble of the window bubbles is possible. So, this window produces N data items to save in the output data file while N is the number of window's bubbles.

Binary window:

Binary window means that the data will be calculated as a binary digit. This window is sufficient for fields like student id and serial numbers.

User Defined Rules

You can define some rules in HTE. In this case HODA Tools, will apply your rules to the data read from documents, and will do the appropriate actions based on your conditions. There are two types of rules:

1. Data Entry List: rules to allow the user, enter data for missed items during reading procedure.

2. Condition List: rules to reject invalid forms without saving the corresponding data.

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