BARmanager allows to communicate with MCTs through all types of interfaces (single, concentrators or both mixed in a network). BARmanager offers to the user an easy, powerful and reliable way to transmit the data read by all BARman (BARman Laser or t·BARman) declared in the database. Objects, such as programs, decoders, messages and/or tables can be uploaded into each BARman (BARman Laser or t·BARman) through Drag & Drop method from one window to another. BARmanager delivers to the computer ASCII files containing data received from the different BARman. BARmanager is a 32 bits application.

BARmanager is provided in the package SDC200


  • On-line help
  • Security with password
  • Definition of configuration (network of interfaces connected to the computer)
  • Visualisation of BARman status (number, version, date and time, records)
  • Visualisation of information transfer
  • Automatic date and time updating in BARman
  • Temporary locking of BARman
  • Database with user name, BARman type and name of file receiving the records
  • Automatic transfer of pending objects (decoders, programs, tables..)
  • Multi-file (each BARman can send its records in a different file)
  • Visualisation and correction of data sent by BARman
  • Initialisation of BARman
  • Transfer of firmware, decoders, tables and programs into BARman through Drag and Drop method
  • Message service Management of projects


displays the connected interfaces (single and/or concentrators) and the BARman / BARman Laser / t·BARman which are present.


enables the set-up of BARman / BARman Laser / t·BARman (number, type, data file...). Displays the BARman declared in the database.


contains projects, which are a set of firmware, decoders, programs, tables, etc., to be sent to the BARman / BARman Laser / t·BARman



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