t.BARman technical documentation

Volume 1 :
Latest version of User manual in English for t.BARman TAG / TBC

Laser Line Manual:
Latest version of User manual for all readers based on the LGA 1024E container, including: BARman Laser LGA 1024E and t.BARman BTC/BTS/BTL 1024E.

Volume 9:
Old version of User manual for t.BARman BTS / BTL

Volume 2 : Latest version of Interface operating manual for t.BARman

Examples to change the baudrate of the t.BARman on the BEI / BIU interface (See HELP file)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Technical note t.BARman & Modem (in English, French, German).
Protocol of communication for t.BARman (in English, French).

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